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Delivering Excellence, One Customer at a Time

GBS is a self-performing company and has valued the representation of individuals rather than investors. We believe working collectively as a team has been beneficial to our success and having 100% involvement from the Administration level to the maintenance level allowed us to communicate our appreciation to our staff and promote higher workplace morale. Our journey to success began with servicing local retailers and has now evolved to servicing Fortune 500 companies. We contribute all of our achievements to our customers and our staff because they are the foundation on which this company is built upon, without them we would be unable to provide your uncompromised service.

Global Building Services, Inc. is a certified minority owned company and has prided itself on incorporating diversity throughout our company to maintain the highest quality standards for our customers. We believe our success can be attributed to our diverse workforce and commitment to succeed.

Today we continue our purpose of providing exceptional service through cost-efficient programs and superior customer service relationships. Our approach goes beyond a contract but rather begins with a partnership. We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction and implement only the best workforce and practices to achieve that goal.

Our experienced workforce has undergone a screening process to ensure their qualifications and eligibility to work in the US. Our crew members also undergo extensive training programs to maximize safety and cleaning effectiveness at all job sites while maintaining superior quality. Our employees are uniformed with ID badges to be easily recognized in all your facilities. Our entire team will uphold the highest standards of cleanliness for you and your company to reveal the unsurpassed level of professionalism you wish to sustain for your clients, customers, and/or workforce.

To guarantee the protection and integrity of our clients and company, every employee is bonded and insured and remains in compliance with all labor and safety laws. Our knowledgeable team utilizes the industries latest innovations to execute the contract safely and proficiently