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Global Building Services, Inc supports and cares about their communities in which we work and live in. We believe that giving back is a key part to our success and hope that our ongoing involvement will assist in building stronger communities for a great today and even better tomorrow. Our unifying endeavors excel pass our community involvement, we as a company put forth a global presence to increase our support on a national level. Along with our ongoing financial contributions and volunteering efforts we also donate 50% of the proceeds from the 1st month of our service contracts with our customer’s to hunger-relief charities. When you outsource to GBS you assist in the ongoing efforts to diminish this unjustifiable epidemic troubling America today.

Our involvement includes/ but not limited to:

  • Corporate and service employees volunteering at neighborhood food pantries, Senior centers, and various youth groups and outreach programs
  • Corporate and service employees volunteering their time to help clean up our community with trash pickup at local parks and centers within the neighborhoods.
  • Utilizing state job resource centers to assist in decreasing our communities unemployment
  • Donating books and school supplies to local schools to promote higher education for our
    underprivileged youth
  • Sponsoring of local youth sports teams