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Clean It. Green It. Live It.

Global Building Services believes that we all should do our part in making our planet a healthier and safer place to live in. We at GBS work every day to minimize our impact on the earth. Our green initiatives to achieve our goal of full environmental sustainability are...

  • Implementing recycling programs in and out of the workplace
  • Replacing all of our office lighting with energy efficient led bulbs
  • Distributing company reusable bags to staff members to reduce the use of plastic waste
  • Co-worker carpool programs to reduce fuel emissions
  • Regular preventative maintenance on equipment to increase longevity
  • Utilization of reusable and microfiber materials to reduce waste
  • ¬†Acquiring and usage of energy efficient equipment
  • Green seal and environmentally friendly products that reduce toxic waste (available)
  • Routine carbon monoxide and emissions test on all propane operating equipment
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations to reduce our carbon footprint