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Quality Assurance

GBS Inc. believes that the health and safety of its employees and customers are of the greatest importance.

  • We strive to maintain constant good performance level at all times
  • Our customer care specialist are there to monitor and track all performance at jobsites to make sure quality and consistency are sustained
  • Our knowledgeable quality control managers understand that maintenance needs vary by customer and industry. They perform mandatory routine inspections customized to fit your maintenance needs and note and record any request or items observe during visit
  • Utilization of daily log books and the industries latest technology to upload real time jobsite performance and facility cleanliness assessments evaluated by management and customers.
  • Safety training seminars and literature implemented monthly to further evolve our service performance and industry knowledge to steadily stay ahead of the quality and safety standards of the service trade
  • Utilization of Safety and Health programs to develop a foolproof risk management system to assist in reducing our customers operating cost

Our highly skilled training directors aid in all technical and safety training for new and existing employees. Conduct quarterly safety audits and assist in the advising of new management prospects.